1. Partnership with investors:
  • Partnership with customers does not necessarily mean a contractual partnership. It means that the success of investment projects in the Park is the Park’s top priority and the principal pillar of its success.
  • Companies that are in the Park at present are joint ventures between KADDB and one or more international companies. The Park is the natural habitat for the export oriented industrial models that emerge from JODDB’s research and development activities.
  • INDUSTRIAL GATE Free Zone is the first zone located at the heart of the Middle East that offers an ideal environment for investors who want to invest in defense and automotive industries. Investments in the Park are guided by the objectives of JODDB, which give investors the freedom to establish their projects on their own or as joint ventures.

  1. Maintaining a high level of services:
  • Establishing a training center that works to develop trained and qualified human resources to support investors and industrialists in the INDUSTRIAL GATE Free Zone and industries in Jordan.
  • A world class infrastructure consisting of paved roads, electricity generation and supply, water and sanitation networks and advanced telecommunications.
  • Security surveillance and monitoring 24-7 inside and outside the INDUSTRIAL GATE Free Zone.

  1. High calibre of management and staff:
  • INDUSTRIAL GATE Free Zone recruits highly qualified staff who understand the concept and philosophy of Industrial free zones and how to work in them.

  1. Preserve health & the environment:
  • A fire fighting water network is integrated within the Park.
  • Waste-Water Treatment Plant for the park to maintain the ecological balance of the land.
  • A green area planted with trees surrounds the zone, providing a security buffer and an ecologically beneficial belt around the industrial park.

  1. Ensure safety through standardization of procedures:
INDUSTRIAL GATE Free Zone benchmarks itself against:
  • International free industrial zones standards.
  • International environmental quality standards.
  • Labor standards.
  • The highest security standards.
  • Clear and codified procedures for the administration of the Park in accordance with international best practice.

  1. Commitment to excellence through:
  • Computerization to streamline the Park’s procedures, facilitate customs procedures, and ease the flow of goods to and from the Park.
  • Providing computerized security and control arrangements.
  • Providing a one-stop-shop.
  • Providing logistical marketing support to investors in the context of promoting the Park, which includes participation in defense industry fairs in Jordan and abroad.